A mistake as simple and basic as leaving out letters

 At least one in 10 readers reads blogs on a mobile device. If you have to move the text from one side of the screen to the other, the reading experience is very likely to be interrupted. I had a big shock when I checked my blog on my cell phone one day.  “disappeared”, leaving behind a blank screen. I had to think for a long time and ask my friend where the problem was. in the name of the image during the loading phase created a boring reading experience. 8. Speed ​​up site loading time The longer the reader has to wait for the page to load, the more likely he is to leave the blog before you can say goodbye.

Ebooks should be marketed

The most important thing to understand is that without marketing, you cannot generate revenue.  aggressively (but not applauded). You can build your own website around an ebook, which is done using copywriting principles. The website can be optimized for search engines to get free traffic from Google. You might also like this: How to make €2389 in a weekend blogging? Or, if you don’t want to wait latest database that long, you can initially use Facebook ads to drive traffic to your ebook sales page. This is what I did in 2015-2016. Before writing an ebook, it’s important to find the topic you really need.

But making money with

 Recommendations are easy when you use the products you recommend. Think about how you would describe the product to your best friend. And repeat the same thing with your customers. Also Check Out These Posts Start Affiliate Marketing Here Affiliate Marketing: Are You Making These 8 Common Mistakes? Read the how-to instructions to learn how to fix them instantly Start your own affiliate blog This is how I built Phone Number AU multiple passive income streams for myself Make a Blog – This is how you can make money blogging Do eBooks really make money? Yes, you can. For example, the e-book “You Too Have the Right to Be Rich” has sold more than 1,300 copies since 2016.  eBooks has its own steps.

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