Great for regulated industries

or brands over scrutiny, yet make sure you bring forth the employee voices –not just faceless logos, notice how Ford’s Scott Monty is front and center. Coordinated A cross-functional team sits in centralized position and helps various nodes such as business units, product teams, or geographies be successful through training, education, support. See how the Red Cross keeps various chapters organized, especially during life-threatening crises. The central group is aware of what each node is doing and provides a holistic experience to customers with centralized resources Costly. Executive support required, program management, and cross-departmental buy in. I see most companies headed this route, in order to provide safe autonomy to business units. Tip: the hub should be an enabler –not social police. Multiple Hub & Spoke “Dandelion” Often seen in large multi national companies where ‘companies within companies’ act nearly autonomously from each other under a common brand. Companies with multiple products like HP and IBM may naturally gravitate this direction. Business units are given individual freedom to deploy as they see fit, yet a common experience is shared amongst all units Requires constant communication from all teams to be coordinated which can result in excessive internal noise. Requires considerable cultural and executive buy in, as well as dedicated staff. Most suited for large multi-national corporations with multiple product lines. Look closely, the lines connecting the multiple hubs may be severed. Tip: provide way for spokes to connect to each other, not just be funneled through a central group. Holistic “Honeycomb” Everyone is in customer service and support and any employee who wants to be social is enabled. Dell and Zappos fit the bill. Tapping into your entire workforce (Best Buy’s Twelpforce is an example) to support and help customers Requires executives that are ready to let go to gain more, a mature cultural ethos, and executives that walk the talk.

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