10 Essential Resources for a Blogger + Webinar Advanced Blogging Techniques

10 Essential Resources for a Blogger + Webinar Advanced Blogging Techniques. This Tuesday, October 11 at 6:00 p.m., Spanish time, you have an appointment that you cannot miss, because together with my 2 great friends Rubén Alonso and Álvaro Fontela. Therefore, we are going to give 3 conferences with a super practical approach, to give you some good advice for. But before talking to you about the 3 conferences of the webinar. I am going to tell you some elements or resources that I consider essential for any Blogger.

Always publish on the same days

Always publish on the same days. It may seem like it is something insignificant and unimportant. Therefore, but it is not, it is very important to always publish on the same day, and this way you will get your reading audience used to it. It is also important that we choose job function email list the best publication days. In addition, which in my experience are Monday, as the best day, and the second best day is Thursday, which will be very good for you, for example if you publish 2 posts a week.

Analyze who plagiarizes your content

Analyze who plagiarizes your content. Ideally, all blogs will respect the copyright of any blogger and will NEVER copy the contents of other blogs. In addition, but sadly this phenomenon occurs more than it should and we must detect it as soon as possible. After that, especially to act and request Phone Number AU the blog remove the content from your blog. The reason is very simple, you should never allow anyone to take advantage of your work and your hours of effort. If there is no response,

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